Is Your Central Heating System On The Way Out?

Is Your Central Heating System On The Way Out?

With the weather at its coldest right now, it’s a good time to think about your central heating and whether it needs any maintenance. The last thing you want is for your central heating system or boiler to break down in the middle of a frosty night and wake up to no hot water or heating. We offer an emergency plumbing service in Lanrkshire, and have years of experience in central heating repairs, and we understand the inconvenience of unexpected heating repair bills. That’s why we offer advice on how to tell if your central heating system is in need of replacement or maintenance. Read our helpful tips to find out more. 1. Your Boiler Is 15 Years Old Or More Most boilers will usually give up the ghost around the 15 year mark, and that is if they have been maintained regularly. If your boiler is coming close to it’s 15th birthday or has exceeded it, it’s a good idea to consider a brand new, energy efficient model. 2. Your Heating Bills Have Shot Up Energy prices have risen significantly over the past decade and they are expected to keep rising. However, if you have found your heating bills have increased significantly, it could be down to your boiler using more and more fuel to heat your home. A quick call to our heating specialists will determine whether you need to consider a new boiler or if you need repairs carried out.

3. It Takes A Long Time For Your Property To Heat Up Also, many older boilers may take a while to get to their full heating capacity. Most modern boilers provide instant heat and hot water and are much more cost effective. Again, our heating engineers are on hand to assist. 4. You Need To Arrange Frequent Repairs We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘flogging a dead horse’ and this is exactly what you could be doing if you are constantly arranging repairs for your boiler or any aspect of your central heating system. Even small repairs can add up, and may be doing more harm than good. Newer parts can put a strain on older parts and could cause a total breakdown. 5. Problems Getting New Parts Here at Easi-Plumb, we have a wide range of boiler and central heating parts on hand at all times, but even we struggle to find parts for very old boilers. Old and elusive parts are also more expensive, and could be more expensive of us to install, too. If your boiler or any part of your central heating system looks to be on the way out, get in touch to arrange an appointment with our heating engineers and plumbers in Lanarkshire. We offer expert service when you need it the most, and great prices too! For a Plumber Motherwell, Lanarkshire or in central Scotland, our qualified plumbers can help.

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