Advantages and disadvantage of Electric over Gas cooktops

Cooktops are among the essential appliance in the kitchen. Their functions merely came from cooking appliances to cooking equipment that beautifies and reflects styles in the kitchen. They also came along way from old fashion four burners model to a modern ultra sophisticated appliance that includes advanced features like virtual control panels, different burners, and precise temperature controls. Cooktops at The Good Guys has the best deals you should check out on their official site. However, like any other useful appliance, cooktops also come with their pros and cons.

Gas and Electric cooktops

Currently, we have Gas and electricity, which are the most common cooktop widely used all over the world. Each one of them has its pros and cons. Based on your need, you can choose a particular feature that varies in terms of safety, performance, and appearance. Therefore, if you intend to upgrade from the current conventional cooktop, or renovating your kitchen, plan to find a new one, you can either choose electric or gar cooktop version.

The appearance of both electric and gas cooktop

Based on the appearance, it can be concluded that the electric cooktop looks much better than the gas because of its sleek make with a smooth surface, embedded virtual panels, and touch control. Electric cooktops are also available in different colors that can match any kitchen color. However, that doesn’t mean that gas cooktops are not beautiful. But the knobs designed on most of their brands always look unpleasant.

Variable elements on gas and electric cooktop

The varying element size on the electric cooktop is a larger advantage compared to the gas version. The variable part implies that they can match precisely with the size of the pots and pans. It is another feature that you can never find on a gas cooktop. Besides the variable elements, another feature that will get on electric cooktop but lacks in gas version are bridge elements and warming zones that also match unequal with pots and pans.

Energy usage and safety

Another benefit you will achieve on the electric version over gas is energy usage and safety. In safety concerns, electric cooktops are safer compare to the gas version. Just imagine having a full tank of gas at the back of your kitchen. The explosion incidents of gas cylinders are usually much higher compared to electrical faults. Additionally, electric cooktop among the highest-rated devices when it comes to energy saving.


However, electric cooktop also has its disadvantages. The most common cons are that it’s slow in reaction time. So, when it comes to heating pans and post, the gas version takes credit over the electric cooktop. Elements of the electric version always experience a laxity of temperature and power. High-temperature cooking like frying and boiling may not work effectively with electric cooktops. So before purchasing any Cooktops at The Good Guys, at least check their specs.

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