Questions you need to ask about snow removal service

One meter of a dozen or so centimeters of snow, wet or icy, can weigh up to several hundred kilograms. The structure of the building may not withstand the additional loads. Falling snow overhangs and icicles are also a great danger for people

That is why nowadays so much attention is paid to snow removal from roofs in winter. Failure to remove snow from roofs has significant consequences for the owners of buildings a fine, the consequence of negligence may also be imprisonment. Due to responsibility and haste, the owners or managers of buildings often outsource such work to people who should not be on snow-covered and icy roofs for safety reasons.

Who can remove snow – health and safety on the roof?

The person removing the snow from the roof must be properly qualified so that they can use the equipment at height in extreme, unfavorable weather conditions. In addition, it must have appropriate training and medical examinations:

  • Must have a current health and safety training on snow removal from roofs,
  • A valid medical examination allows him to work at height,
  • People who perform works at a height of up to 3 meters should undergo such tests every 3-5 years,
  • People who perform work above this amount every 2-3 years,
  • If the employee is over 50 years old, he must undergo examinations every year,
  • People under 18 years of age are prohibited from working at heights above 3 meters.

Professional snow removal from roofs, as well as any work at height, should be performed in accordance with health and safety regulations. Work at height, while removing snow from the roof, should be planned – a defined method of snow removal, selection of appropriate equipment and well-known – diagnosed possible threats.

All these recommendations may seem strange or even frivolous, and hiring theEarth development specialist company for work at heights and snow removal too expensive and unnecessary. Simply shoving snow from the roof once can be successful, but the second time in different conditions it can lead to a tragedy. It’s worth taking care of safety.

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