Different Types of Cleaning Services

If someone is hiring a cleaning services, it is either for one of two reasons. They either know how to do the service themselves and would prefer not to or they don’t know how to do the service at all. A cleaning service is often provided by a business that specializes in an area or areas of cleaning. For instance, if someone hires a carpet cleaning business it is a good assumption that they clean furniture as well since both services use the same equipment. The two types of clients for a cleaning service company are residential and commercial. Residential clients are everyday people that might only need service for their home permanent or vacation. Commercial clients usually have a lot of work to be done and takes place inside of their business. A few types of cleaning are commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, and disaster cleaning.

Commercial cleaning and residential cleaning are opposite in the amount of work but the same in the type of work. Both types of cleaning consist of tidying things up to make the space presentable and more comfortable for guest and occupants. In commercial cleaning that would mean, sweeping up the floor, separating papers for shredding, cleaning and wiping down desks, organizing furniture, etc. and is often down after hours when the business is closed. Residential cleaning consists of basically house chores such as cleaning the kitchen, sanitizing the bathroom, organizing closets, throwing out garbage, etc. and is done whenever the client would like it to be down, primarily weekends when the client is free.

Carpet cleaning is used by both residential and commercial clients. With carpet cleaning comes spot treating, carpet drying, sanitizing, deodorizing and often furniture cleaning, since the vacuum used to clean carpets can clean furniture as well. Deodorizing carpet is used when one has a pet or if there was a spill of some kind that is causing a lingering smell. Often following carpet cleaning there are sheets of paper put down in the shape of walk ways so that the carpet cleaning can be preserved.

Disaster cleaning services covers a wide range of cleaning. One form of cleaning that is used following a disaster can be used outside of a disaster as well and that is water damage cleaning. Water damage although is often known to be caused during a disaster of some kind can also happen in day to day life, for instance if a toilet or bathtub overflows and is not treated in a timely manner. If you have water damage chesapeake va, you will want to look for a company that is readily available to clean up. Disaster cleaning also consists of the removal of trash, debris, and human/animal remains often if it is a natural disaster.

Cleaning services can be found in just about anywhere. It’s just as simple as going on the internet and doing a quick search. Just be sure to look at reviews first before using a vendor, to make sure you get what you are looking for.

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