The Backyard Shed (A Place to Keep Extra Stuff)

The backyard shed. About the time we’ve paid off our student loans and are settled in our career, we tend to turn our attention to matters of the home. The children are doing well in school. Overall, our extended family members are thriving. It is at this point we begin to accumulate things, big and small. For the bigger things of a mechanical nature, it becomes time to go looking for a shed.

Types of Sheds

Today, as in most things, we have so many options. Shed. Defined as, an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage. We use the smallish building to store stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, anything that we deem should not be kept in the house. Just like when we’re in the market for a new automobile, suddenly it seems we start seeing our vehicle everywhere. No different when we’re in the local lumber supply store. Turn into a certain aisle, and you become aware of many sheds for sale.

In the earlier century, shed construction consisted of wood. Today, the top choices are metal, (composed of galvanized aluminum) and vinyl-siding constructions. Most sheds are still primarily kept in the homeowner’s backyard. Depending on where you live, a shed can be constructed pretty much anywhere. And humans being individualist types, sheds have been built atop trees, as well as on water.

Homemade Sheds

A few other types of sheds are the lean-to. This type of shed is created by the homeowner who is the DIY type who wants to save a few bucks. This, often weekend project can be put together with a couple of (beer buddies) friends. By using an existing wall, the process can be completed in a few hours.

Use of Sheds

For the most part, sheds are used to store lawnmowers and home landscaping equipment, home and garden tools and pet supplies. Hooks are fastened to the walls to maximize space. Creative types use little-used sheds and transform them into little private oasis. A low-cost way to get-away from it all. The budget conscious man’s private man-cave. Women novelist could use a converted shed into a reading and writing room. Or, as an outdoor retreat, and still make it back to the modern world in time to have dinner with the family.

Child’s Playground

The most obvious use for a little used shed is to turn it into safe hangout for your children. The buildings minimalist design is the perfect setting to let those rambunctious souls cut loose. And also, not extend the life of your precious indoor collectibles.

Personal Gym

Active homeowners could transform a backyard shed into an in-home, if out-of-the-house, workout area. This has the added benefit of saving on annual gym memberships. No need to buy trendy workout gear, your old grey sweats are fine. Thinking about building a backyard shed? You could tap your handyman neighbor or visit one of the many websites for more information.

Sheds are constructed of wood, metal, galvanized aluminum or a combination of both with tightly closed or open-air. They can be secured with key-lock, pad-lock, or guarded by your K-9. The uses are as varied as the people utilizing them. Today, they’re used for the common as well as the not as common.

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