Remove Stains With Bleach

Remove Stains With Bleach

When it is the household linen or the tablecloths, they can always be bleached as they remain undamaged. The linen and cotton fabrics can be bleached perfectly by the sun. Such clothes can be hanged when there is bright sun outside. This is because they get bleached in the presence of atmospheric. You can bleach your household clothes with boric turpentine. This is, in fact, a very effective and it is harmless too! You can use the method in the following way. Take five liters of water to which you have added 3 soup spoons boric turpentine and wash the clothes in this. Keep the linen dipped in the solution for about twelve or fourteen hours. Wash the linen with cool water following which it should be let dry in a sunny shade. White linen can be very easily cleaned with the use of bleach which is sold in the form a concentrated solution. This solution must be kept in a place that is dark and cool. This is because it gets decomposed in the presence of light.

Another effective bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide. To this is added some ammonia. This enhances the effect of bleaching. This also should be kept away from light in a cool place. Potassium permanganate also has strong bleaching properties. It can be found in the pharmacies in the form of crystals in violet and the solution too is violet. However, there are few things that you need to keep in mind while using bleach for stain removal. The bleaching of clothes is perfectly done when the temperature ranges between 90 and 100 degrees. Prior to soaking the clothes, you need to stir the solution well. The duration of soaking the clothes in the solution depends on the dirtiness of the clothes as well as temperature of solution. When the temperature is low, soak the clothes for thirty to forty minutes and at high temperature, soak the clothes for twenty to thirty minutes. The stained area of the cloth when bleached clean, it might appear discolored when washed in water. At such time rub the area with some spirit or mixture of the spirit of wine, water and vinegar essence. These methods for stain removalare, however, are not effective for synthetic fabrics.

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