5 More Top Garage Door Safety Tips to Know

If you found our five safety tips for your garage door helpful, then get up to speed with these five more essential tips.

1. Never Leave the Garage Door Half Open

Always leave the door fully open or fully closed. Doors left partially open may travel in the opposite direction than you are expecting once you operate them, potentially coming into contact with objects – or people. Leaving a garage door open in general can compromise the safety of your home too should an opportunistic burglar take advantage whilst you pop inside the house or out into the garden.

2. Holiday Safety

In the UK almost half of all burglaries occur when we are on holiday or simply away from the home for more than a day. As well as following police tips about leaving your home safe when on holiday, you can also make your garage door more secure at this time. A good garage door will come with a vacation lock switch – if not, simply unplug the garage door opener unit. This leaves the remotes unusable and thus improves the safety of your home in your absence.

3. Change Access Codes

Unless you have an up-to-date garage door, or one with rolling code technology, make sure you change the manufacturer’s standard access codes. If you have a dated garage door, consider an upgrade from the excellent selection of new automatic garage doors in Letchworth.

4. Finger Safety

Never place your fingers between the door sections, and ensure you have explained this fully to children. Those with children may consider garage doors with panels that can’t pinch the fingers. Those in Bedfordshire should contact Biggleswade Garage Door Repairs to find out how to make their garage doors safer.

5. Home Protection

Always ensure that there is a secure locked door to your home from your garage. Burglars are finding more and more clever ways to get in to homes, and this includes stealing cars with the remotes inside them or simply stealing the remote or opener itself. This extra level of protection ensures that even if your garage door is opened by a burglar, they cannot gain access to your home.

Hopefully, these five more tips will put you in an excellent position for ensuring optimal garage door safety for your family.

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