Beautiful window ideas to try for summer

You don’t need to move home to enjoy a new feel to your property; instead, simply try out some of these ideas to inject some summer style into your current abode.

Right stripes

Combine coastal chic with sophisticated style by combing different stripe widths when choosing your fabrics. You should also consider adding hints of grey to complement the more traditional blues and whites at your Dublin windows and doors. If you have wide windows, it can pay to invest in two blinds rather than one, as this will add a more relaxed feel whilst offering better light and atmospheric control.

Lighten up

Swap heavy drapes for unlined curtains or voile in natural, crisp-looking fabrics. This will instantly inject a holiday feel whilst allowing in lots of summer sunshine.

A measured change

Roller blinds are great for instantly updating a room – just be sure to order the right size. You can find out more about choosing the right blinds for your home online; alternatively, invite the professionals to measure up and provide you with exactly the product you need.

The perfect balance

Just as you will carefully consider your choices when opting for new windows or doors from companies such as, you will need to give some thought to achieving a balance between privacy and light in your home. A great solution – and the ideal way to transform a room – is having tier-on-tier shutters installed. These have separate lower and upper panels that can each be adjusted; in addition, they offer you the chance to tilt the slats to control light and privacy levels.


Create a unified look by teaming matching or complementary curtains and blinds. Consider teaming stripes, florals or prints with sophisticated plains, or team textures and smooth weaves for a really tactile combination. There is freedom to let your imagination run free. Just remember that monochrome choices can offer a cool and sophisticated look, while windows can be elongated by the use of vertical stripes.

Add personality

Choose a roller blind with a bold print or pattern to instantly add personality to any understated window or area. To avoid accidents and to finish the look off neatly, fit a tensioner or clear at one side to enable you to safely secure an operating cord.

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