Replace old windows and give new look to your house

You need to replace the windows in your home if certain signs of decay can be seen. If you find moisture on the panes or the exteriors of the windows become faded or chipped, you must think of replacing the windows as soon as possible. Sometimes, it may also happen that the windows are not opening or closing easily. In such cases, you may also think of replacing it.

But you must know a few things before you decide on replacing your windows at your home.

New windows are energy efficient

Dual paned windows, which are popular in the market today, are very much efficient in retaining air-conditioning and heat within the house. Hence it helps to save the energy cost by 5-15%. Since windows form a small tiny envelope of the exterior part of the house, they can contribute to energy savings by a maximum of 15%. So, one can get the investment back in the long run. But the installation must be done in an efficient way and so it must be done by a well-known Window Accents & Flooring company.  


Solid wood products are not of the same quality as they were some fifty or hundred years back. The lumber, are farmed very fast, rather than allowed to grow gradually. If you do not want to see your wooden windows getting rot, you must go for a replacement of wood material.

You can go for the following types –

  • Most Windows and Accents flooring companies prefer vinyl windows.
  • Some people also prefer aluminum color on the wood windows, popularly known as cladding. The cladding can be done in the color of your choice and it retains the new look for around 20 years.

One can repair old windows

If your budget is limited, you can go for repair of your old, existing windows. If your windows are not in that bad condition, you can retain them. Hire a window specialist and do some repair and it may look like a new one. If it is not closing or opening properly, you can free the upper sash which may become shut in painting.

Get more return if you want to sell the house

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 73% of the population who want to sell their house with new windows, get their investment back. Like the built-in cabinets, new looking windows give a wonderful architectural look to the house and help to raise its value.

Sometimes full replacement is not necessary

You can keep the trim as it is and fit the new window into the trim. In such case, the cost goes down a bit as you can save on the cost of the trim. You can speak to the carpenter about this.

If you want to make your house look more attractive and new, you must go for repair or replacement of your old windows. Some people also add a window seat to view the outside world sitting by it.

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