Screen Lanais Are a Must For Swimming Pools

Screen Lanais Are a Must For Swimming Pools

If you are building a pool in Florida, one of the things you may be thinking about is if you should put on a screen lanai. There are many companies in Florida, such as Screen Solutions that will build and install the screen lanai for you. Should You Go With the Flow? When you put in your swimming pool in Florida, you may wonder if it really is necessary to also put up a screen lanai around your pool. You may think that lanais are something that everyone does to make the swimming pool are look good but this is not the only reason. Yes, a screen lanai is going to make the swimming pool area look very appealing but most people put up the screens for a purpose. A screen lanai is put up because it is going to keep bugs out of the area. The screens are also put up to help in keeping the pool clean. If you have a lanai up, it is going to keep leaves and other debris from entering into your pool area. Another reason that people put up these around their pools is that it helps to keep the pool area cool and it also helps from people getting too much sunburn. If you do not have a screen lanai up, your pool is going to get very warm considering how hot the temperatures get in Florida. Finally, another reason that people like to put up the lanais is to keep animals and/or pets out of the area. You may not want to put up a screen lanai because you want to be different but you are going to have disadvantages of not having a screen lanai around your swimming pool. Besides people not wanting to put up a screen lanai because they want their pool to look different, they also may not want to do so because they are not always cheap in price. The price can vary depending upon the type and size of screen lanai you want to put up but many times you are going to be spending thousands of dollars.

Updating Screen Lanais Once you have your screen lanai up around your swimming pool, it does not necessarily mean you can just ignore it. Yes, the screen lanai is going to protect you from the sun, bugs and other elements that may try to get into your pool but you need to make sure to maintain the screen lanai if you want to keep it looking its best. It is important to clean the screen lanai yearly but as long as you do it on a yearly basis it is not going to be hard to keep it clean and looking orderly. Also, once the screen lanai gets to be about ten years old, you need to think about getting the screens replaced on it. Conclusion The decision if you should get a screen lanai to surround your pool is something that only you can decide but most people agree that they are well worth the price. Always research the company before you have them install it to make sure the screen is going to fit your needs.

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