What is the best size for a company logo on a custom-made commercial rug?

Commercial door mats make a great addition to your lobby or entranceways. You can place them strategically around your building. Rugs can be strategically placed throughout your building to add branding value. To ensure that your mats are properly accented in the area you desire, you can order them in a range of sizes. After determining the size of your mat you need to consider how large your logo should be.

Your Logo Can Be Your Entire Mat

Our graphics team can create a mockup of your mat, no matter how large or small it is. We will make sure your logo is exactly the right size and scale, as well as resize it from the current print and online sizes. You can experiment with different colors to make sure your logo pops on the new rugs. We can also help you avoid having your dark logo color get lost on the dark rugs.

Take a look at a border and a logo

A border can be added to your personalized rug to highlight your logo. This is similar to how you would place a photo in a frame and a mat. Your logo’s colors can be complemented or contrasted by the border. Our team can help you make some eye-catching choices if you’re not sure which type of border to choose or what combinations work best.

You can leave some text in the room

You should also consider leaving room for your company or school tag line, directive text, design elements, or event specific text on your mats.

Do not be too small

Your logo is often a secondary focal point on your website and letterhead. Your logo will be the main focal point of your new rug. It should stand out. It should be placed in the middle of your mat so that all details can be clearly seen. Text logos must be legible and easy to read from a distance of at least three feet. You can customize your logo in any size or scale that you like, but no design elements inside it must be smaller than 0.25 inches.

Your logo can be added to floor mats that come in custom sizes. If your rugs are going to be used in a convention booth or display, it’s one of those small things that really makes an impression.

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