Best Cold Press Juicers (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Juicing has incredible benefits to the body. Think of the vital minerals, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and even the antioxidants that help the body keep fit. Importantly, the juice that you take is absorbed four times faster when compared to eating the whole veggies or fruits. Additionally, when you make juicing your habit, you stand a better chance to fight ailments without having to take the traditional medication. If you do not intend to miss on the above benefits of juicing, you will need to have a reliable juicer to help you get started. To this end, here is what you should consider before you purchase a press juicer.

The Type of Juicer

The types of juicers can be classified into two broad categories including the cold press or the masticating and the centrifugal juice. The cold press option is considered many juice lovers, as it does not produce heat thus it obtain and preserve the quality of nutrients from the fruits or the veggies. Similarly, cold press runs at a relatively low pace, which ensures that antioxidants do not break down in the process. On the other hand, the centrifugal option contains a powerful motor, which emits heat as it rotates. This heat can sometimes denature or damage nutrients and other essential components in the juice.

The Pulp Collection System

Choosing a juicer that features an established pulp collection is an added advantage as this will save you time and efforts of having to empty it after every cycle. When juicingusing a juicer with a tiny pulp collection, the process can be overwhelming, and the juice obtained might not even meet your requirements. Additionally, this option cannot be relied upon when you want to produce a significant amount of juice in a continuous process. Juicer option that has a poised pulp collection will also ensure that your juice will not have froth or foam but will be packed with essential takeaways.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In most cases, a juicer that is easy to clean is made up of a few parts that are easier to assemble for it to operate. This implies that cleaning such a juicer will be a breeze. Bear it in mind that keeping your juicer clean way possible, is an ideal way to ensure that your health is cared for. Therefore, check out your user guide to determine the ease of cleaning your juicer. Some juicers will have in-built cleaning features while others will have to be cleaned manually. This also means choosing a juicer that will not rust overnight due to the corrosiveness of the material used to make it.

The quality of a juicer is attributed to the production of juice, ease of use, and the brand reputation.

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