Design tips for a small conservatory

If you don’t want to take up too much of your garden but you want to expand your home, a small conservatory can provide the extra space that you need. And a small conservatory doesn’t have to look dull – in fact, if you design the space well, it can make the room look spacious and welcoming!
Here are four design tips for a small conservatory.

Use light to your advantage

Natural light can make a room seem more spacious, so try to include as much natural light as possible – Go for large, double glazed windows, and consider putting the conservatory in an area where it will be exposed to lots of sunlight. This will also offer extra heating benefits during the daytime, helping to reduce energy costs.

Don’t be restricted by the size

Before you build your conservatory, decide what you want to use it for and remember it can be anything you want. This reduces the chance of it becoming an ‘everything’ room that is full of clutter. So do you want extra storage space, a dining room, or a play area for your children? Settle on an option and then begin the build.

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Embrace space saving furniture

Space can be an issue in small rooms, but you can easily overcome this by investing in smart, space-saving furniture. For instance, you can get coffee tables with storage space underneath, as well as sofas with hidden storage space. You could also consider mounting shelves and TVs to the wall, as this means that they don’t take up any floor space at all.

Go for light colours

If you want to make the space seem larger than it is, you should use light colours in the room. This is because dark colours (such as dark green or navy) can make a space look smaller and darker, while light colours can help to bring brightness and space into the room.

Pastel colours (such as link pink, baby blue and lemon yellow) are particularly popular right now, but if that isn’t your scene you could also try more simple light colours, such as ivory or cream. It can also be useful to use a wallpaper with horizontal stripes, as this can help to widen the room.

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