Frugal Garden Makeovers with Affordable Containers

Die-hard gardeners will tell you that gardens are a work in progress, but there are a few time-saving tricks that offer instant impact. Most novice gardeners worry about placing the right plant in the right place, however, one of the best garden secrets are containers. In fact, for gardeners with limited space and budgets, landscaping professionals often recommend expressing yourself with container gardening.

A Quick Facelift with a Big Impact

Scattering islands of color around a yard is a good alternative for cost-conscious gardeners who can’t afford to transform an entire landscape into the botanical gardens. Because pots, hanging baskets, and planter boxes are self-contained micro-beds, you can create a garden wherever you want. A raised deck, a shaded porch, a walkway, or beautifying the front door can all receive a quick shot of color. And one really nice aspect of container gardens is that it doesn’t require lots of preliminary planning and preparation.

Give Thought to Your Planting Pot

One of the easiest ways to freshen up space is choosing a spectacular container. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be eye-catching. Any container requires a drainage hole. If your pot doesn’t have one, simply drill a hole into the bottom. Layer the bottom with gravel to keep excess water from rotting plant roots. The point is, you can create a container from old wheel barrels to wicker baskets.

Because potted plants dry out quicker than their in-ground counterparts, it’s good to add a little mulch. This will help retain water. Some informal choices range from moss, bark mulch and wood chips to colorful pebbles.

You can also simply and try turning trash into treasures. Clever gardeners always use recyclable items like worn child wagons, old work boots, or a century’s old wash basin. Thrift store finds can not only save a few dollars but can turn old items into one-of-a-kind creations that become the focal point of a garden.

Container Plants that Create Color Bombs

When picking plants, choose combinations that share the same growing pattern, and care requirements, while making sure they’re the correct choices for weather conditions. Visualize how your plants will look together. Do the colors complement each other? Experiment with texture. For example, combine foliage and flowering plants, like pairing Coleus with Petunias.

Grow a Mouth-Watering Kitchen Garden

If you love to cook and have thought about growing your own herbs and vegetables, it’s completely doable with a container garden. Why buy from a store when you can grow chemical-free at home? It need not be extensive, just plant small, and go for classic vegetables and herbs.

Look for varieties that say “dwarf” or “bush” in the name, and many of the varieties you choose won’t overwhelm you. Start sowing seeds indoors in the late winter and grow your baby plants indoors to avoid any frosts and cold soils. Before you know it, you’ll have a kitchen garden year-round. You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to dress up a home with eye-catching color. Container gardening is a practical and affordable way to surround yourself with bright ideas.

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