How to Use a Cordless Impact Driver

A cordless impact driver is a flexible tool used for drilling holes, pushing in screws with a torque greater than a screwdriver can provide and loosening larger screws and nuts that are stuck or over-torqued. It can be fitted with a variety of circular and hex-shank drill bits, screw-driving bits, saws, wire-wheel brushes, rotating sanders and other accessories for performing a wide range of jobs. They usually have a slide clutch allowing for the adjustment of the amount of torque for precise, constant driving and deliver a strong, sudden rotational and downward force. Being cordless allows for flexibility meaning jobs can be completed in all areas of the work space no matter how far from a power source they are.

Preparing For Use

Before starting use with the cordless impact driver wearing the correct protection is important. Always wear safety glasses, gloves and ear-defenders when using any kind of power tool. Prepare the cordless impact driver for the task to be performed by ensuring that the power tool is switched off then insert the battery by sliding the battery pack into the handle until a ‘click’ is heard as it locks into position. Check that the battery is fully charged before starting a job.

Starting Use

Next select the correct sized drill bit or screwdriver and insert it into the cordless impact driver by pulling back the manual sleeve then placing the bit into the hexagonal hole inside the chuck. Then release the manual sleeve so that it returns to its original position. Set the direction of rotation by moving the forward/reverse switch into the ‘forward’ position for clockwise rotation or ‘reverse’ for counter-clockwise. Some cordless impact drivers have several gears to choose from, if this is the case choose the one most suited to the task. When working in a dark space, turn on the LED lights. Finally, switch on the cordless impact driver.

Using the Cordless Impact Driver

To begin using the cordless impact driver gradually squeeze the speed control trigger until the chuck and bit start to turn, then increase or decrease the speed as needed while working. Adjust the gears to give more or less power. When fixing screws align the tip of the screwdriver with the slot in the head of the screw. If drilling a hole line up the tip of the drill bit with the area on the material to be drilled. A cordless impact driver is ideal for use with wood, metal or plastic.

After Use

When the job has been completed, turn off the cordless impact driver and let it rest on a flat surface such as a bench to allow the parts and bit to cool down. When it is cool hold the chuck with one hand and pull it forward, pulling out the drill bit with the other hand. When choosing a cordless impact driver go to an established company such as Data Power Tools where an extensive range is available.


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