Things to do when a tree falls on your property

Natural disasters such as thunderstorms, hailstorms, and heavy rainfalls are responsible for damaging people and property. There are so many bad things that happen during such wild weather conditions, and one of them is the falling trees. The heavy and large-sized trees that fall on the houses, commercial buildings, and vehicles cause a lot of damage in terms of money, and the trouble it causes is immense.

Thanks to the tree removal Denver services that help remove such fallen trees with efficiency and professionalism unparalleled. They know precisely how to get their job done, and for this, they have trained and experienced staff. So if you have a fallen tree, you should know what to do to get rid of it. Here we have gathered a list of things to do when there is such an emergency.

  • Don’t panic

When the tree falls on your house, the first thing to do is not panic; instead, take action and gather all your family and pets. Once you have made sure that everyone is OK, the next thing to do is get out of the house. Do not go near the part of the house where the tree fell. In case there was no one at home when the tree fell, do not enter the house at all and call the professionals to do all the necessities.

  • If the tree fell on power lines

In case the tree fell on the power lines, you should call 911 because it can cause some severe power hazards. The first thing that you should do for sure is to turn off the house’s power so that there is no short circuit or any such thing. It would be wise to call some local electrical service to take care of the power lines.

  • Shut the gas off

The next thing to do is to shut off the gas lines as well. They are usually buried under the ground and invisible, but you should shut the lines off to prevent any such issue. In case you smell some gas leakage, you should call your gas provider.

  • Call an emergency tree service.

The next thing you should do is get a service that would remove the fallen tree from the property. Every area has more than one tree removal service working for tree removal, tree cutting, and tree trimming. They give you peace of mind for all the matters concerning the trees. They would easily take the tree away and would check your property as well for the damage.

  • Call for damage repair.

Once the tree has been removed safely, you can only estimate the amount of damage caused to the property. Based on that, you will have to call the roof repair and other repairing services and get the job done.

A fallen tree is something troublesome for the homeowners. We hope you stay safe from any of these troubles in the future.

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