What It Means To Be An ISA Certified Arborist

Being an ISA certified arborist is an important key in the role of healthy and safe trees which beautify the world and cleanse the environment. An arborist is a trained professional in the practice of arboriculture; commonly referred to as a tree surgeon or an arboriculturist, they specialize in the study and management of vines, shrubs, and trees.

An arborist must go through specific requirements to become ISA certified. To be eligible for the ISA certified arborist exam they must have three or more years of hands-on experience in arboriculture, and a degree in arboriculture, horticulture, forestry, or landscaping architecture. Being ISA certified shows that the arborist has the experience and safety standards to properly care for and maintain trees in the field and follow best environmental practices. Certified arborists are environmentally conscious by nature and have the knowledge necessary to care for the needs of all types of woody plants and trees and offer tips for taking care of your tree to clients.

Arborists not only understand the needs of trees and how to maintain their health, but also the importance of when a tree needs to come down due to safety standards. When trees become a safety issue, arborists are trained to use specialized equipment and knowledge to trim hazardous limbs without damaging the tree.

If the hazardous tree in question is dead or diseased beyond saving, sadly, it will need to be removed or disposed of. As the tree’s integrity flags, there is a risk that it will come down on a garage, shed or even a pet or a neighbour. Don’t wait until it’s too late, if you are worried about a dead tree in your backyard, there’s no time to waste!

Using special techniques and expertise, arborists are able to make proper cuts and utilize the best pruning methods. Those who are inexperienced could very well cause long-term damage to the tree by making improper cuts. It is also important to use the right equipment for the job – failing to hire a professional could cause harm to the tree itself and be dangerous to your physical health.

There are many safety reasons for hiring an ISA certified arborist. If you own a property that is going to be shared by various trees, shrubs, and other woody plants – and by people as well – it is important to maintain the health and integrity of the environment. Damaged or diseased trees, or trees with branches that have grown too low, can be a serious hazard to the people who may be enjoying their time outdoors around those trees. An arborist can assess the problem at hand and make proper and safe decisions depending on the situation.

An ISA certified arborist has many responsibilities. They are trained in proper pruning and trimming techniques necessary for aesthetic purposes, or to add value to the environment. They have an environmentally conscious attitude and can determine what a tree is lacking for optimal health and what necessary steps might correct the problem. Their aim is to provide trees with the best health, structure, and safety in areas where trees and people live together.

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