Caring for your Laminate Floors

Whether your flooring is a few years old or brand new, it can be a challenge keeping it looking good for as long as possible, particularly in high traffic areas. Laminate flooring is ideal as there are lots of things you can do to keep it looking its best. It’s a low-maintenance floor cover that’s easy to keep looking fresh as long as you follow these simple pointers:

What Products Can Be Used?

As well as the products approved by the manufacturer, everyday cleaners also work well on laminate floors. These less potent cleaners will help to keep the floor in great condition on a day-to-day basis.

It’s also a good idea to lay mats down by doors so any dirt and dust gets trapped on the mats and not walked straight onto the flooring. They are also useful for preventing the floor from getting wet.

The main items that you’ll need are a mop and bucket for when dirt and wet do get onto the floor. A soft broom is also useful for gathering up small bits. To prevent laminate flooring from dents, you might want to consider table leg pads or castors for chairs. For top-quality Laminate Flooring, visit

The Cleaning Process

If any spillages occur, these should be mopped up straight away as the flooring is not completely waterproof. A slightly dampened cloth is all that is required. A wet mop will put too much water onto the floor and could seep into and under the laminate, causing it to eventually warp or buckle.

Do not use anything with a coarse or harsh surface, such as a scouring pad. This can scuff the floor and cause abrasions that damage the surface. A broom with soft bristles can be used to remove any stubborn dirt without harming the surface.

Don’t ever be tempted to drag or push furniture across the floor as this can cause scratching. Minor scratches can sometimes be put right with a repair kit from a hardware store.

How to Keep the Shine

As with all flooring types, over time dirt and dust will gather and the original shine will go dull. Thankfully, it only takes a little effort to put the shine back into the laminate. Vacuuming or sweeping will help remove dirt and small hard debris to avoid scratching and then a cloth mop can be used to gently moisten and clean the surface. Some people use chemical cleaners, while others just use water. Often water will suffice, but you might want to add a drop of vinegar to prevent water spots.


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