Embarking on Interior Painting in Hamilton

Painting your home is a huge investment of both time and money. As such, you want to ensure you get it right the first time.

You have probably been thinking of revamping your home’s interior for a long time and finally, you are getting around to doing it. But, before you run to the paint store to buy the paint boxes and brushes, here are some ingenious tips for a successful home painting project:

  1. Experiment with Colours

For some people, bold colours can be quite overwhelming. In some cases, bold colours prove to be a better fit for interior painting in Hamilton than neutral colours. Try experimenting with different colours to see what works best.

  1. Choose Paint with the Right Sheen

The type of sheen you choose for your home painting will have a huge impact on the look of your walls. As you choose the paint colour, ensure you choose the right sheen as well, so that it fits the purpose of the room you intend to paint.

  1. Consider Lighting

It is highly difficult to determine how a paint colour will appear on a wall without testing it out. Hence, it is recommended to buy a sample of the colour of your choice and then test it out on a small area. Observe the effect the lighting in your house has on the colour so you get an idea of how the paint colour will truly look. The colour you choose for your interior painting in Hamilton should complement all aspects and details of your home, including the furniture.

  1. Prepping the Room

Needless to say, painting is a much easier job when there are no objects in the way. Therefore, before you embark on your home painting, clear the room of any furniture and other small belongings. However, if you are painting a larger room you can cover the furniture and move it to the centre of the room, leaving enough working space. Moreover, if you are planning on painting high places, it is wise to invest in a strong and robust ladder.

  1. Clean Walls

In order to achieve smooth and flawless painted walls, you need to start your home painting on perfectly smooth and clean walls. Hence, prior to painting, wash away dirt, dust or grease that is evident on the walls using water with some mild washing detergent and a cellulose sponge. Also, ensure you rinse off any soap residue with clean water to leave a smooth surface.

  1. Use a Tinted Primer to Prevent a Blotchy Finish

It is not uncommon to find freshly painted walls that appear blotchy. Blotchy areas on painted walls appear if the filler was used to patch holes and cracks before the home painting job. Thankfully, a quick coat of tinted primer is all is needed to eliminate any texture differences.

  1. Let Paint Dry before Cutting the Tape Loose for a Perfect Edge

Removing the painter’s tape can be a nerve wracking experience, especially with the controversy around the right time to pull it off. However, it is best to peel off the tape once the paint is dry. A box cutter knife or a sharp utility knife can come in handy when it comes to trimming off the tape.

Final Thoughts

A well-planned paint job can make the whole project overwhelmingly rewarding. The tips above are guaranteed to make your painting experience better and much smoother than you would expect.

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