The Best Bathroom Tiles in Mississauga

Choosing tiles for any space in your home can be both the favourite and also the worst part or any home renovation. Most homeowners getting into this kind of DIY love the idea of going through different avenues of possibilities. However, the worry of many is lacking the ability to settle on one design. Yes, it is very easy for one to get stuck in the choosing phase. For this reason, in this piece, we share some tips that will help you avoid the anxiety associated with choosing your tiles. These tips will help you progress faster.

Start by choosing a colour palette

There are lots of colour palettes available online for you to choose from. When making your choice, you should bear in mind three things: the size of the bathroom space you are working with, the design style of your bathroom and the style of the bathroom and tile fixtures. If you have a small sized bathroom, experts usually advise that you choose soft and neutral colours. For larger spaces, darker tones will work best. But even when this is the generally accepted advice, you should know that there are exceptions.

Consider the function and look of different tiles

Materials like porcelain, stone and ceramic tiles in Mississauga could all be perfect choices if you are looking to install tiles on floors or counters. Ceramic tiles in Mississauga are ideal for damp environments. They are easy to clean and in comparison to porcelain, they are less expensive. Porcelain tiles are also a great option for damp bathrooms. Glass tiles are a perfect choice for a backsplash or walls. Though, keep in mind that glass tiles are expensive. As such, it is wise to only use them in a space that needs a small amount.

Choose a statement tile

Bright and bold colours will without a doubt draw the attention of all those walking into your bathroom. However, they can be quite pricey and overwhelming. Sticking to a single bold statement tile will help bring the budget down and still help you achieve a long-lasting impression.

Consider tile size

If you will handle the tiling yourself, you should be warned, larger tiles will be a challenge to place. However, they present a little less hassle in terms of things like grouting. Reducing the grout lines will also ensure that the backroom space is waterproof. If you choose a grout that stands out (like gray against a white tile) you should consider getting smaller tiles, as these will have an even bigger visual impact.

However, smaller tiles take a lot of time and effort to lay, so stick to three or four tile choices. To have an easier time, you should stick to a few kinds of tiles that will fit into your design and complement the colour palette you have. Doing this could mean having one tile for the flooring, another for the shower walls and yet another for the backsplash. A fourth tile chosen could act as the coordinating floor tile inside the shower or be the statement tile in the shower. Before making your choice, carry a small piece of the tile (a sample), to see how it fits and blends in with your bathroom and tile fixtures.

This process is fun, but you need to know what you are looking for and when to stop and make a decision. If not, you will be trapped in the first phase.

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