Common Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Hot Water Systems

Nowadays in every household, people prefer to have hot water systems. If you change your present heater for a new brand, then you need to know about a few mistakes so that you can avoid them at all cost.

Many people often prefer to do such installation in a DIY way and end up committing a few mistakes, which we will discuss in subsequent paragraphs.

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Here are a few mistakes that you must avoid while installing such a hot water system in your home.

  1. Not calling any professional

Often few people may try to cut the corners while installing such systems and prefer to carry on the installation work of their own. However, it is always a preferable option to take help from any professional installer, as there are often a few intricate things during installation that professionals will never miss.

  1. Not selecting a properly sized system

Another worst thing that few people may do is choosing the wrong sized water heater system. Choosing the right size as per your need will cut out your initial cost and also save your money in future too. By choosing too big a system will only waste your water and money.

  1. Incompatible pipes

For an amateur, most metal pipes may appear to be the same but this can result in a serious problem with their compatibility. As an example, galvanized steel will always need a particular variety of unions for preventing pipes to contact each other, which may always create a certain electric charge.

  1. Soldering near the water tank

You will find a lot of parts used on your water tank where plastic materials are used, and if you are doing in a DIY way then you must take care of not doing solder fittings in very close proximity to your water tank. By doing this, you may cause serious heater damage and may even need to purchase another heater too.

  1. Heating up without the presence of water

Always make sure that your tank is filled with water before you switch on your water heater system. This can seriously damage both your heater as well as your tank.

  1. Not installing temperature and pressure overflow valve properly

There is always a T & P overflow valve attached that releases heat or pressure if it is developed very high. If this safety valve is wrongly installed then there are high probabilities of exploding along with the boiling water. A well-experienced plumber will always properly install this valve.

Typically, the installation cost for any hot water system can be in the range of $250 to $700. However, if you want to switch from an electric type hot water system to an LPG system, then installation of gas water heaters would typically be within the range of $1200 to $3000.

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