How to help the trees on your property to survive harsh winter?

Although most of the trees go dormant in the extreme weather of winter, yet they are not dead, and they do need your attention to stay alive. Water is the essential food for your trees, and you have to supply it aptly to them so that they can survive well. If you have not taken reasonable care for watering your trees, your trees would eventually die in the months of summer. So what to do to make sure that your tree is alive and right in the extreme winter?

The simple answer is to supply it with a sufficient amount of water. If your tree is entering the winter season with dry roots, the chances are that it would go dead with the start of summer, and even if it stays alive in spring, it would eventually die in summer because of the weak roots. Water is critical for the roots’ health, and it should be supplied well to them in the fall.

Even in the dry and dark days of winter, you might not want to go out, but your tree needs you and your care. So please do not leave it to the harsh weather. A good tree service providing company can help you know your tree needs, but here are a few general tips for your tree that can help it survive the extreme winter.

  1. Water the trees in winter too, but be sure to water them regularly in the months of fall. Keep a check on the ground, and when it starts to freeze, stop watering the tree.
  2. To know when to water your trees in winter, you need to check your trees. If they have gone dormant, they do not need a lot of water. Just watering them twice a month would be sufficient, but if the sun is high or the wind is there in the winter, your tree would get dry, and it would require more watering.
  3. Adding mulch to your plants’ base is another way to keep your plants healthy throughout the winter because the mulch locks all the moisture in the roots and stops it from getting dry. The organic mulch also has nutrients packed in it that keeps the tree healthy in winter.
  4. Watering young plants is different from the older ones because the new ones have different needs from the others, and they are more prone to get the dormant injury than the older ones.
  5. If you have evergreens in your garden, they need more care than the others because their spikes lose water frequently and need more water to stay healthy and active. Since they are evergreen, they require water to stay fresh, and in the windy areas, these trees lose water and become dry. So keep a check on them and fulfill their water needs accordingly.

It might seem hard to go to the garden to water your plants while the weather is too gloomy, but you would be pleased with the results you would get in spring.

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