How to Choose the Best Attic Insulation for Your Home

Renovating your home should be a well-planned and successfully executed process all together. From the basement hardwood floors to the best attic insulation, your home should be equipped with quality and products that will withstand time. Apart from ensuring that you have a renovation plan in mind and on paper, you should also work with a team of professionals. That would be our first tip. Read on to figure out some other tips essential to your home renovation and how to choose the best attic insulation overall.

Home Upgrade

A successful home renovation requires a well-structured plan and an efficient timeline.

What is the first thing you should do once you decide to renovate your home? The answer to that is put together a solid plan. What should this plan consist of? Good thing you are here, as we will help you to any and all questions you might have about this topic. When it comes to home upgrades and refurbishing a house, you first have to evaluate what needs fixing. Are you renovating the entire house from top to bottom or is it just specific rooms? In addition, once you decide which space exactly is getting renovated, inspect it inside and out. Fixing something aesthetically is not the only element to focus on. Moreover, before you focus on the image outside, analyze the state of things on the inside beforehand.

For example, before you attack the bathroom space, ensure to check the plumbing, etc. Making sure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly is already fifty percent of the success. Meanwhile, inspect the state of your attic as well. An attic is one of the most important spaces of the house. We often forget that fact. The reason why it is important to insulate an attic is because it makes a big difference throughout the seasons during the year. Therefore, check to see whether your home needs proper and new attic insulation.

Importance of Attic Insulation

Whether the attic insulation is good or bad is the difference between the house staying cool during the summer and warm during winter, and the house having low effectiveness otherwise. For example, if your home’s attic insulation is old or simply bad, nearly twenty percent of the cost that you pay for the heat or air conditioning goes to waste. That is not a small amount as it accumulates over time. Furthermore, this is why it’s important to have the best insulation in your attic. Good quality insulation that is properly installed will help you save money by not wasting in unnecessarily. In addition, it will keep your house cool when needed, and it will retain the heat throughout the cold months.

Team of Professionals

Roof tiles and their quality are fundamental elements of a home’s structure.

With tasks like home insulations and such, we recommend working with a reliable team of professionals. Individuals who work in the business will know the difference between open cell spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose and which one to install in your home. Did you know that insulation levels are measured by their R-Value? When R-Value is higher, it means that insulation’s thermal performance is a lot better. Most professionals recommend a value of R-38 for most types of attics. In the end though, make sure to discuss all options with the professional team you hire. Good communication is also a big factor in the successful execution of the plan.

While we are on the topic of attic insulation, check if it’s time to get a new roof! If your roof tiles haven’t been replaced in quite some time, then it is definitely a good idea to invest in that as well.


Since you are installing proper attic insulation and renovating your home, a new roof if necessary is always beneficial. If you want to learn a little more as to what types of roofs there are, and the quality of each, visit for useful information. Replacing roofs is their specialty, therefore you can trust that you are in good hands.

How to Choose the Best

You cannot choose the best if you don’t know what you’re choosing from. Do research beforehand!

Whether it’s the best attic insulation, the best roof tiles, or the best company to hire for your renovation, in order to choose the best, you need to do research. By doing research you can compare results, compare different findings, learn and gain the necessary knowledge to make an educated decision. Even from just reading this article, you have learned that an attic insulation is essential to the overall maintenance of your home. In addition, you also now know that the quality of insulation is measured in R-Value. With new knowledge, you can apply it to your decision making.

Moreover, imagine doing further research into other renovation aspects. In order to choose the best, you have to understand what you are choosing. Therefore, as we always emphasize, before anything, do research and create a plan. Think about the times throughout high school and college-you wouldn’t go and do the exam without preparation. If you wanted a good mark, you put the work and effort into studying. Same applies to almost everything in life. Preparation and planning are always a good idea.

Your Home

Ensure that you analyze your home inside and out so that your renovation is a successful investment.

At the end of the day, whether you are refurbishing your kitchen, or changing the landscape in your backyard, you are investing into your home. In addition, to ensure that this investment is a smart one, take your time to decide, plan and execute your ideas. Don’t rush if you want quality.

Overall, the aesthetics of your home are easily fixable. The elements which make a difference in the fundamentals of your house are more essential. Insulation, for example, is a fundamental element of your home. It not only affects the quality of cold or warm air within your home, but also your wallet. All in all, learn from research before choosing the best.


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