Why sending cards and letters via snail mail bring joy in your life?

Being a kid of ’80s and 90’s how you can forget that getting mail was one of the greatest joys in life? Finding an envelope addressed to you in the mailbox was always so exciting. Wither it be a letter from a friend who moved away or a party invitation it was still a fun to open envelop to unrevealed the mystery.

In today’s digitalized age, people have just forgotten to use snail mail as they used to send before. But the fun of getting and giving a letter is not ended yet. The tradition of sending and receiving mail always has and will always be awesome.

Still, there are lots of reasons to send letters and cards. From a wedding invitation card to anniversary cards or new address announcements, this is still an option you would love to avail for many reasons:

  • Unlike the typical email or text, letters and cards are kept sakes, and people love to stay physical letters and cards. The good wishes will probably be remembered and cherished for years.
  • Maybe you think getting mails in the form of coupons and bills is part of adulating and quite dull too. You can surprise someone with a beautiful just moved announcements or handwritten note is ideal for livening up their mailbox.
  • Cards and letters show more value and care than sending just an email, SMS, or a text message. Sending a digital message is a game of few buttons and clicks, but writing a note and sending it to someone who takes more time and care.
  • Sending cards via mail is a way to be creative also. A card or letter is a kind of blank canvas. Try to use it more creatively by adding confetti, glitter, stickers, and watercolours. The possibilities are simply endless, so be artistic a little more.
  • It is an act of give and take. Sending card or letter will surely prompt the receiver to send a reply back. An excellent communication will be started as a result of this thoughts exchange.
  • It is a way to stand out among others. Sending a birthday wish card instead of writing on their Facebook wall is a unique idea. Mailing a beautiful poem rather than sending a voice message on Whatsapp is a far better and impressive way to make them feel special.
  • Sending letters and cards to your loved ones is an ancient history and the joy of receiving mail endures. It makes you happy, far better than text and emails. You can simply make someone feel lucky and joyous by sending a card or mail.
  • It is an everlasting piece of beautiful memories that you can keep forever with you. Whenever you read an old letter or find a wish card saved in your drawer, it is such a delightful and unforgettable experience.

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