Wrought Iron Fence Guide

When you move to a new place, you might want to change a few things about the property and freshen it up. The fence is the first thing people will notice when coming over and it is a big part of the first impression they will have. If it is rusted or poorly painted, it can tell a lot about the owner. Besides that, if you are moving out, a great looking landscape around the house can bring the price up.

There are plenty of reasons why you should think more about your design outside of the house. One of the most popular materials to use is the wrought iron which has many beautiful designs you can choose from. When it comes to wrought iron fencing, you’ll need someone to help you out because it can be hard to do it yourself because it’s heavier than other options you might have.

Traditional Ornamental Wrought Iron

Depending on the person, you might think about the ornamental wrought iron fence as some kind of decorative scrollwork with spikes on the pickets. An artistic person may want something that has a meaning, probably with more details or the owner’s initials. Most of them are actually made of steel, even if it is wrought iron, it can be really expensive for most people.

Designing the patterns may take a while and the price will be determined depending on the complexity. It can be hard to make a great looking fence that will adapt to the surroundings. Each piece is separately made and welded together. This is why it’s very important to choose an experienced manufacturer. Some companies decide to make a few designs which make the job much easier.

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What Tools Are Used?

You can choose the details that will be created and delivered to your location and then it’s on you if the contractor will do the job or yourself. If you have someone to help you out, you can save a lot of money doing it yourself. The first thing you will need is cement. You can calculate how much you need based on the number of wholes created for the pickets.

Digging tools can be rented if you want one with a motor, the ones without a motor cost around $40. Cement needs to be mixed properly so make sure you have a wheelbarrow, a shovel and water supply near. In some situations, you will need a cutting tool but you can make sure that the manufacturer has the correct dimensions so you won’t need to do so. A power drill will be used for the screws that connect panels. You will also need a rubber mallet so you can adjust the posts in the cement. The rubber type is the best because you don’t want to leave marks on the posts. You’ll also use it for placing the rebar in the ground.

Other tools will help you measure and place everything correctly. For this, you will use a tape measure for the spacing between and depth of the posts. A level will help you make sure everything is placed correctly. Use a string line between rebar so you can know that everything is straight. Measuring everything may be annoying but it is the most important part.

Difference in Quality

Like every other product, panel fencing has its own levels of quality. When you have self-tapping screws connecting the pickets and the fence rails, you have a basic quality. This makes it easier for the manufacturer to make the product. Most of the low-quality types will come in a box full of parts that you put together yourself.

Middle-level quality will come assembled when you buy it. It will be much sturdier because the picket goes through the middle of the rail. It may be harder to transport but it can’t loosen up because you don’t use any screws. Some of them use screws to make it more stable. Every high-quality fence will be pre-welded. It’s considered as the most durable and strongest kind of panel fence you can get. It makes the fence feel and look sturdy and solid. For the price of high-quality wrought iron fence, you could get a great designed aluminum or vinyl fence.

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