You Might Need a Contractor If Your Driveway Has These Problems

Concrete is one of the best materials you can use for your driveway. It can be stronger and cheaper than asphalt, stone, gravel, pavers, and brick. What’s more, it can look just as good if you choose an architectural variety that’s mixed with other more fashionable materials such as limestone.

While concrete driveways can last a long time, they ultimately reach the end of their lifespans. Here are a few signs that your concrete driveway needs to be replaced:

#1 It’s over Thirty Years Old

When installed correctly, a concrete driveway should last over three decades. In the right conditions, some can even last over forty years. This shouldn’t be surprising considering that some concrete structures have been around for over a thousand years.

If your driveway is showing signs of wear and is thirty years old, then it may be time to have a new one installed. Even if there are no visible signs of wear, an old driveway may be close to losing its foundation. Here, you should use the services of an experienced and skilled local contractor that prides itself on customer satisfaction.

For example, Elite Concrete have been installing driveways, patios, paths, steps, swimming pool surrounds, retaining walls, planters, and more for nearly twenty years. They’ve won multiple awards and even offer beautiful limestone and stamped concrete finishes. They also offer a limited warranty.

Once your new driveway is installed, pay attention to maintenance. Apply sealers to protect the concrete from vehicle fluids and extreme weather conditions. You can do this yourself or use the services of a professional. Also, hose it down regularly and give it a good scrub.

#2 Water is Pooling

Small cracks can develop on a driveway over time and are nothing to worry about. However, deep and long cracks can be a source of concern. If these cracks are ignored, they can develop into potholes. Although small potholes can be fixed, large ones are difficult to rectify.

Remember, large cracks can damage your car over time. If a vehicle regularly passes over potholes, it will haveworn tires and a weakened suspension system. This can leave you with a repair bill that’s much costlier than the price of fixing the driveway. Also, you may face liabilityissues if a pedestrian is injured because of the potholes.

#3 The Driveway Is Going Under

While it’s normal for the driveway to lower by a few inches over its lifespan, too much can be dangerous. If the driveway sinks below the level of the footpath, then water may go below and damage your property. This is especially hazardous if your neighbourhood experiences heavy rain and snowfall.

#4 You Notice Pavement Erosion

If you notice that parts of your driveway are crumbling or eroding, then you need to tackle this problem before it grows worse. An eroding driveway can disintegrate quickly, leaving you with many more concerns.

These are some signs that your driveway is nearing the end. Here, it’s best to get in touch with a professional as soon as possible. They can give expert advice and help you determine if the driveway can be saved or if you’ll need a new one.

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