Outdoor Jobs that you can do in the Winter Months

During the winter there are lots of ways that you can still make the most of your garden and enjoy it. Just because we have said goodbye to the warm weather until next year, there is plenty to still enjoy in your garden and outside your house – it’s a good time to do outdoor home improvements such as adding on of these oak framed extensions from https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-frame-extension/ to your home as well. Here are some of the things that you can do outside your home in the autumn and winter…

Create a winter wonderland  – Lets face it this hasn’t been the best year for anyone, so bringing a little bit of cheer to your outdoor patch is a great way to spread a bit of joy during the cooler months. Create a Halloween display out the front of your house for kids to spot on Halloween trails, and in the back garden, add some festive solar lights so you have a pretty light show to get you through the dark winter evenings. If you want to you can even get a patio heather and sit outside to enjoy it!

Look after Local Wildlife – Winter is always a hard season for wildlife, so why not create a back-garden wildlife haven? Learn how to build your own bee hotel, or buy one, to have a place for the bees to shelter. It is also a great idea to feed the birds during the winter as food is more scarce at this time of the year. Make some fat balls and hang them out on a bird table, and some feeders up in the trees if you have any in your garden. Make sure that they are out of reach of neighbourhood cats -then sit back and enjoy the birds from your window.

Tidy Up – Now is a good time to get your garden in order. Getting everything tidied up will mean that it is neat and tidy for the spring when you are going to want to sit out in it again and enjoy it. Mow the grass and clear up any leaves that may have dropped over the lawn.

Now is also a good time to pay some attention to your garden furniture. Clean it up and store it away for the winter or cover it over to protect it from the harsher elements. You could even paint it if it looks like it could do with it – have some fun with pretty pastels or go for a more dark and dramatic effect – you will be surprised at how a few coats of paint on your garden furniture can really modernise the look of your garden – and best of all next year when you go to get it out, it will be like having brand new garden furniture!

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