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A transformer is a device which allows to convert a given alternating voltage into another alternating voltage, by increasing or lowering its value, without changing its frequency. Unlike the auto-transformer, a transformer has galvanic isolation between its input (primary) and its output (secondary), that is to say that no electrical conductor connects the two parts. Get the all details at the blackhawk supply regarding the same.


Characteristic of a circuit connected to the secondary winding which determines the active and reactive powers at the terminals of the secondary. The load is expressed either as the total impedance in ohms with the elements of resistance and reactance effective, or as the total volt-amps and the power factor at the indicated value of current or voltage and frequency.

Voltage capacitor transformer

A voltage transformer consisting of a capacitive voltage divider and an electromagnetic unit designed and connected in such a way that the voltage at the secondary of the electromagnetic unit is essentially proportional to the voltage at the primary and out of phase with the latter an angle of approximately zero for an appropriate direction of connections and nominal frequency.

Power transformer

A measuring transformer whose secondary current is, under normal conditions of use, essentially proportional to the primary current and out of phase with the latter by an angle of approximately zero for asuitablecourse of the connections.

Dual secondary voltage transformer

Transformer including two secondary windings over the similar magnetic circuit; these binary windings being sequestered from each other and from the main winding.

Instrument transformer

Transformer designed to reproduce at the secondary, in a defined and known proportion, the current or the voltage at the primary, the phase ratio being essentially maintained.

Multiple secondary current transformer

Transformer comprising three or more secondary windings on separate magnetic circuits, the latter all energized by the same primary winding.

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