The Top Aspects You Should Remember When Designing or Selecting a Garden Shed

The garden shed is already an iconic structure in the English garden, and we know how beautiful and charming garden sheds can be – but they serve as a practical addition to the garden as well. In the past, garden sheds were just that – space where you could store gardening implements and tools and other equipment, but today’s homeowners are also seeing garden sheds in a different light, turning them into offices, gyms, music studios, entertainment areas, and a lot more.

Whatever purpose your garden shed will have, it’s important to design and select your style wisely. Garden sheds can be custom-made or you can choose from pre-made buildings that can be easily installed in your garden, but you have to consider your decision carefully whether you go for a pre-made model or build your own. It should be a worthwhile investment, after all. Here, then, are the top aspects you should remember when designing or selecting a garden shed.

  1. Know your needs and preference

Before you start browsing through different garden shed designs, it’s best if you know your needs and preferences first. Your shed should meet whatever your needs and interests may be, whether it’s to work, make music, entertain guests, grow plants and flowers, play with your kids, meditate, and so on. If your garden shed will simply serve as a storage area, think about this as well. Here’s a tip from the experts: if you want to make the most of your garden shed, dedicate a portion for storage and another portion for whatever your passion is, and it’s an investment that will be more than worthwhile!

  1. Consider the functionality

This is where form will meet function, so you have to consider the overall functionality of your garden shed. For example, think about its architectural features or aspects. Do you want your garden shed to become a place where you can display sculpture, artwork, or flowerpots? Do you want your garden shed to cover an unpleasant sight? You can choose between a mix of function and fancy so your garden shed will be both practical and charming and personalised. Of course, it also has to blend well with your existing garden theme, so choose a suitable style.

  1. Think about the site and orientation

As garden shed and log cabin experts like Timberdise suggest, another aspect to consider is the site of your garden shed. You should position your garden shed in the right place in your garden landscape. You can choose to have it as a focal point – something you will love viewing from your house. You can also choose to tuck it away in a secret spot. But the orientation makes a difference, too, so think about how you want to orient it – do you want natural light to come streaming in through big French doors and windows, or do you want to nestle the garden shed underneath the shade of a big tree for a cool haven in the summer months?

  1. Choose the style for the interior

The interior of your garden shed will also mean a lot, so treat the interior just as you would any other room in your home. You can make it more functional by installing shelves and cupboards, and you can also decorate it according to your lifestyle, needs, and personality. Have fun!

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