New Custom Kitchen in Calgary

The kitchen is the most used area in most homes, mainly because many families prepare their meals, eat, and engage in social activities in the space. Furthermore, people naturally gravitate to the kitchen. Most modern kitchens feature a well-designed dining and entertaining area. For these and many more reasons, you need to choose an ideal design and layout that perfectly matches your personality and style. Thankfully, you have no shortage of custom kitchen options – you are only limited by your own imagination. When considering home improvements in Calgary and your kitchen is one of the spaces you intend to work on, then you might want to consider the design ideas discussed below.

  1. Storage and Shelving

No matter the amount of available space you have in your kitchen, it never seems to be enough. When you think of things like baking and cooking equipment, utensils, dishes, appliances, food items, and pantry, you immediately notice that the storage often gets used up rather fast.

Dual purpose innovations, such as slim pantry cabinets, hide-away appliances, and retractable cutting boards have gained popularity over the years. As you plan the design and layout of your custom kitchen, you should eliminate clutter by applying the creative use of shelves and drawers. This way, you create a good spot for your cookbooks and the cooking items you use most frequently.

Yet another common feature in the modern custom kitchen is the implementation of movable cooking surfaces. Sleek tables fitted with wheels allow quick and easy access as you prepare meals.

  1. Incorporating Tech

Technology plays a major role in our daily lives. When you consider gadgets like smartphones, tablets, wearables, and computers, it would be difficult to imagine life without these tech gadgets.

More and more people are beginning to embrace home technology trends like the automatic open/lock, climate control, and thermostat control functionality. These are increasingly being incorporated into the modern kitchen. This also includes smart faucets, oven auto attendant features, Bluetooth-connected appliances, more energy efficient dishwashers and other kitchen equipment.

  1. Larger Work Spaces

For many years, the double sink made up of stainless steel has been a common feature and a centerpiece in most kitchens. Even though the simple concept still survives, homeowners are quickly embracing the farmhouse sinks, which are also commonly referred to as farm-style sinks. These sinks are ideal for the preparation of large meals and completing larger tasks. The fact that they allow for used dishes to be temporarily stacked away. this means you can keep dishes out of sight when you have guests.

An open floor plan is yet another good idea when planning your ideal custom kitchen for the simple reason that it allows you to easily navigate the essential areas such as the oven, stove, or pantry, without causing a disturbance to your family or guests socializing nearby.

As you consider the major home improvements in Calgary that you wish to undertake, it is advisable that you seek professional assistance. With the right professional help, you can have your dream custom kitchen that perfectly matches your personal style.

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