Save Time On Washing Dishes

Save Time On Washing Dishes

If you don’t have a dishwasher, then washing dishes by hand can be boring and time consuming. Some people enjoy it and find it relaxing, but we’re willing to bet that many more find it an arduous chore that they really want to avoid. If a dishwasher purchase isn’t on the cards for you any time in the near future, here’s how to make the hand washing process significantly quicker. Get an old plastic tub like the types often used to store ironing. Keep it near the sink and use it for stacking dirty dishes before you wash. Then you don’t spend ages emptying the sink before washing, and it’s always clean and empty so you can clean dishes and rinse as you go. As your sink is now permanently empty, try to do dishes while you cook and straight after you eat. The food is easier to clean off, so it takes less time, and the motivation factor is stronger than when there’s three days’ worth of dirty dishes piled up on a Friday night. If you’re in the kitchen cooking anyway, you may as well rinse off those boards and knives while the food is simmering.

Use rubber gloves. They not only ward off the gross dishwater floaters, but you can handle hotter temperatures. The hotter the water, the easier and more effective the cleaning process is, so rubber gloves will definitely make a big difference here. Start with the cleanest items and work your way up. Things like glasses and lightly used plates go first, and pots and pans go later. You’ll have to empty the water way less (if at all), and there’s something satisfying about reaching the pots and pans and knowing they’re the last hurdle! Have plenty of dish towels. Trying to dry a wet plate with a soggy dish towel is a horrible experience, and we all know that it just doesn’t work. You spend ages “drying”, when just using a new towel would save loads of time. They’re not that expensive and trust us, the investment is well worth the time you’ll save by being able to use three or four towels without any problems. Remember to throw them in the wash pretty regularly too! Invest in a good drying rack. Similar to the dish towel point, drying can be needlessly time consuming. If you wash your breakfast cutlery, for instance, or wash your cooking utensils and bowls as you go along then a drying rack is invaluable. Wash and rinse, then place everything on the drying rack. By the time you’re finished cooking and eating, or you’ve got home from work, the washed items will already be dry and you can just put them away without having to dry them. Just piling them on the draining board takes far more space and doesn’t allow the air to reach everywhere – so your dishes stay wet, and you lose valuable time.

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