Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

A large part of the population considers an outdoor kitchen the epitome of luxurious dining. An outdoor kitchen is one of the best places to entertain friends or relatives.

A great outdoor kitchen does not just happen. It is designed to be so. It can add elegance to your entertaining space while at the same time adding more space.

There are considerations to be made if Garden Club London is going to be designing a great outdoor kitchen for you. Some of those considerations include:

The Space

An outdoor kitchen offers you the chance to extend your living space. You can best utilise the space by making hospitable for all conditions.

Where you choose your outdoor kitchen will determine many things among them, when you will be using it, the equipment to place in the kitchen and what kind of shade you want.

You have the choice of designing the space however you want. The kitchen should make a statement regardless of where it is located.

 Account for Your Surroundings

An outdoor kitchen sits halfway between your indoor space and outdoor space. To come up with a great kitchen design, you need to take into account the space that will surround it.

Many people prefer to have the kitchen compliment their house but you can choose to have it as a separate part of the house if you want.

Your property also has a landscape. Your outdoor kitchen should take that landscape into account. It will determine your choice of colors and the materials that you place in the kitchen.

Layout Choice

Every kitchen has to have a layout whether it is indoors or outdoors. The main difference is that an outdoor kitchen is not as restricted with walls as an inside one.

The layout of the kitchen is important as it decides where everything is placed. Functionality is more important than anything else in this regard. It would be unfortunate if you had a terrible accident due to a dysfunctional kitchen layout.

The Appliances

The appliances are the heart of a kitchen. Without them, there would be no cooking in the kitchen.

When you decide to design an outdoor kitchen, you will have to select which appliances you will put inside it.

Some of the more common appliances people choose are grills, smokers, refrigerators, stove, oven and ice makers. You will have to choose those that suit your purposes.


Lighting is also important for an outdoor kitchen particularly when dining at night. You should have enough light to clearly see what is going on in the kitchen.

When you are entertaining from your outdoor kitchen, you will also be helping set the mood with the lighting.

Depending on the structure of your kitchen, you can choose to have lights on a variety of surfaces.

If you can choose lighting that is energy efficient, the better. It will not only help you protect the environment but it will also save you money.

Lighting options for your outdoor kitchen should be practical. Options such as candles can only take you so far.

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