San Diego County Water Restrictions And Installation Of Artificial Grass

San Diego County Water Restrictions And Installation Of Artificial Grass

In May 2015, the Water Authority board of directors in San Diego County adopted a set of measures that are supposed to help residents and local water agencies meet the mandated water use reduction targets. If you reside in this area, you are required to limit irrigation of ornamental landscapes to less than two days. This means that if you have a natural lawn, it is going to be really hard to take care of it with these water restrictions. The San Diego County water restrictions are meant to boost the conservation and outreach efforts in this area. They are also countermeasures against the looming drought, so it is your mandate as a resident to do things that will make these efforts successful. If you are found watering your lawn on a day that you are not supposed to do, you will get a notice and you will stand the risk of being fined heavily. The fine for failing to adhere to water restrictions in this county can be as much as 1000 USD a day. Flow restrictors may also be placed on your meters if you are found breaking the water-use rules, something that may end up cutting your water supply or inconveniencing you.

For most homeowners in San Diego that have natural lawns, most of the water that they use is usually on watering their lawns. This means that installing an artificial lawn can help you overcome the effect of the water restrictions in this county. Installing artificial grass will also have many other benefits that include reduced maintenance costs and resistance to intensive use. Mowing, edge cutting and fertilizing will be things of the past when you install an artificial lawn in your San Diego home. This is because the artificial lawn is not going to increase in size or grow like natural grass. It also does not need to be fertilized in order to maintain its natural green look. You just need to make sure that it is installed properly to be able to enjoy a nice green look in your compound for the longest time. The maintenance that you will need to do on the artificial lawn is very simple. You will just need to make sure that leaves, dirt and debris are removed from time to time to prevent them from accumulating. In the event that you spot any stains on the grass, you can simply clean them off using water and a detergent. You will rarely need to hire someone to do maintenance on the artificial lawn if you can get some time to maintain it yourself, and as a result, you will save a lot of money that you will have used as labor cost. When you install artificial grass in your San Diego, you will also not need to worry about mold and weed growth. This is because the ground is excavated to remove any weeds and plant material before the grass is installed. The artificial grass will also have good drainage. You will not have any muddy patches in your compound when it rains.

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