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Today you will learn about androktonus (other Greek “killing men”). It is one of the most dangerous representatives of its kind. Its poison contains a powerful neurotoxin, making androktonus one of the most poisonous of its kind. It inhabits semi-arid and arid regions of the Middle East and Africa. The genus includes from seven to thirteen species. A number of pharmaceutical companies produce antivenom antivenom to help with intoxication caused by androctonus bites. In case you want to know How do I kill Scorpions then the following information are important.

  • Scorpion description Appearance Content 1 Scorpion description 2 Species 3 How dangerous is the bite the color of this arthropod can vary from gray to black, and also from marsh to brown. The size of a mature individual can reach up to 12 cm. Despite a dozen eyes, androktonus very poorly sees. However, unimportant vision does not hinder his hunting.
  • Approaching his victim, he recognizes the vibration, which feels the villi located on his body. Thanks to the talent for a long time without food and moisture resistance of the outer cover, this scorpion is able to survive in arid regions. It is not easy to distinguish a female from a male, but it is possible. The adiposity of the males is greater in males than in females. They are very sensitive, and with their help androktonus determines the surface on which it creeps. In addition to growths, other organs of touch, the scorpion does not. In appearance, the male individuals of Androcoton are thinner and smaller than the female. In addition, in males, the number of teeth on the scallop in the lower abdomen reaches 35, in females they are slightly smaller – from 22 to 29.


Basically, individuals of this species exist singly, so the pair is formed only by chance. After the meeting, the male performs a complex ritual before the female. He approaches the female in front and grabs her by the claws. Mating begins with the dance: the male keeps the partner for claws and drives around. Sometimes a female rejects the courtship of a partner, and then he frightens her with his sting. Most often the male wins and leads the female in a convenient place for the marriage ceremony.

  • The male makes a hole in the ground with his feet and leaves his sperm there, after which the female catches it. Sometimes after the end of mating, the female eats the male. This allows her to get nutrients that will provide future children with strength and health. Androktonus, like many representatives of this genus, is viviparous.

After some time after fertilization, small colorless scorpions are born in the female, being an exact copy of the parents, only reduced eight times. At birth, the cubs are hidden in a leathery shell, which the mother notches with her sting. After that, the kids climb to the female on the back, staying on it until they become mature enough. For this they will have to pour seven times. What they eat Androktonusy – predatory arthropods.

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