Metal Roofs In Tampa Bay: Durable and Affordable

In areas that experience severe hurricane seasons, like Tampa Bay where hurricanes make up the greatest percentage of hurricanes in history, it is imperative to have proper storm protection including proper roofing to provide safety and long-term durability. Although many people choose asphalt or rubber roofs during the rainy season for cost savings or because it seems “cheap,” many are not aware of the lasting strength and durability that metal roofs have. Tampa Bay experiences one of the highest incidences of roof damage and loss every year. This is due primarily in part to the fact that many older buildings in the area have not been constructed with modern design and do not possess the necessary protection from natural conditions that make modern roofs more prone to damage. Metal roofs are a cost-effective solution to these issues. Not only will they protect your investment from the vagaries of Mother Nature, but they will also last longer than their less expensive counterparts, which can lead to additional savings in the long run.

Metal roofs are also highly durable and are quite capable of withstanding the harshest of weather conditions, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and even the sun’s powerful ultra-violet rays. Unlike asphalt or rubber roofing materials which are at risk for premature failure under specific conditions, steel roofing systems are made to last. These roofs are tested for both load-bearing and wear-ability and will be constructed to be as durable as possible. Unlike other materials, they are tested for tensile strength, and when the tests result in the roof failing, the structure is redesigned to meet or exceed the new test specifications.

There are many types of metal roofs in Tampa Bay ranging from flat to pitched roofs. For the most part, flat roofs are built upon existing structures and can oftentimes provide a more affordable option for consumers who would prefer a flat roof construction over an adjacent structure. Pitched roofs differ from flat roofs in that they are pitched or pointed toward the center of the home or business. Often these roofs are designed with a sloping roof over a plywood foundation that is secured with various types of hardware. Most pitches are designed to include at least one slope and are designed with the use of flashing to prevent water from leaking underneath the pitched roof.

Metal roofs also come in different colors, styles, and types. Depending upon your desired style, you will be able to find a metal roof that perfectly matches your desires. From contemporary, modern, or classical styles, to designs that are uniquely your own, metal roofs can easily be customized to fit into the architecture of your business or home.

If you are looking for durable materials, metal roofs are the way to go. These types of roofs will not need repair very often, in contrast to the common asphalt or rubber roofing systems that often have to be replaced after several years. The fact that they are durable makes it easier to protect your property from inclement weather, such as strong thunderstorms and heavy rains. In addition, if there is ever a fire, they will provide protection and safety for your business or home and can keep your family safe from fire hazards.

Metal roofs are designed to last for many years, which makes it easy to protect the integrity of your investment. Because of their durability and low maintenance rates, you can invest in this type of roofing system without having to pay thousands of dollars in replacements. It’s important to talk to a qualified Tampa roofing contractor in order to learn more about the different roofing systems available to you. If you are searching for a new roof for your business or home, consider investing in metal roofs.

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