The Installation of a New Roof

The first step in installing a new roof is removing the old roof. Before installing the new shingle roof, you’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. There are several steps to installing new shingle roof. Follow them closely to insure a roof firmly fastened to the shingles and water tight. Start with hiring professionals for new roof installation overland park ks.

Attach Roofing Paper and Drip Edge to the Roof

The first step of shingling a new roof is to roll out the roof paper and secure it to the roof with plastic cap roofing nails starting at the bottom edge of the roof. These nails have a large cap, usually an orange color in a circular plastic that secures the paper flat to the roof. Overlap the paper’s edge by 2″ and leave an overhang of at least one inch of paper all along the edges of the roof including the bottom. To keep water out and away from the paper, finish with a ‘Drip Edge’, an L-shaped piece of metal that is overlapped to prevent water from penetration.

Next Do the Starter Row of Shingles

The first row of shingles should be attached pointing upward toward the roof. The second row will point downward. This configuration helps, or double layer is the starting point for a caulk line that is repeated every ten inches from the bottom of the roof. This line helps apply the shingles in a straight line.

Installing the Shingles in the Body of the Roof

Install exhaust vents and then continues with the installation of the shingles. Install the shingles by overlapping the horizontal joints. Stagger the shingles, leaving a 1/16″ gap between the shingles. Attach each shingle with four roofing nails at the top of the shingle. This will allow you to hide the nails with the next overlay of shingles. It may be necessary to cut some shingles in half to stagger them perfectly.

Using Specialty Shingles

The areas of the roof where the shape of the roof meets with another shape such as where a dormer emerges requires the use of special cut shingles. These specialty shingles are ridge or hip shingles. Shingle should not overlap and the juncture, they should only meet. Once again, lay the shingles from the bottom up and use a double layer.

Finishing the Roof

The final step to shingling a roof is to apply a sealant. Apply roofing sealant around the joints in the roof and along the edges of the vents when they are not covered by ridge or hip shingles. Apply the sealant with a caulking gun or spatula.

Roofing is a dangerous job. Not only are you dealing with heights, but the materials if not handled safely could injure a worker or a resident. Use the right equipment to transport the materials and clean up the area while working and after the work is finished. Soon the homeowner will have a finished new roof, one they can take pride in for its beauty and most importantly, its protection from the elements.

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