How to Choose a Swimming Pool Contractor

Choosing a swimming pool contractor for your home should be one of those things that you take your time on. It’s like choosing a contractor for your home. If you are looking to install a swimming pool in your home, these tips should be of great help to you when choosing a contractor for your pool.

Source for potential pool contractors

You can look them up on directories or just go straight to Google and search. You can search, for instance, pool contractors in Seattle or pool maintenance Seattle WA. From the search results, go through the websites and read up on the services they offer. Create a list of at least 5 contractors. You can also check ads in newspapers or even online.

Ask for recommendations.

Getting recommendations from someone you trust is better than reading online reviews or a salesperson telling you how good they are. Let them recommend based on their experience with the contractors. If you don’t know anyone who can refer a contractor to you. Then the internet is a great place too. Look up for reviews of the contractors you have found.

Reach out to the contractors.

Now from your list of 5, call each of the contractors and ask to speak to them. Ensure that you make time for a face to face chat with them. You can even invite them to your home so that they can see the site as well.

Ask for credentials.

This is very important as you don’t want any quack installing a pool for you. Ensure that they are fully licensed as well as insured. Let them show you proof of their credentials. Later you can confirm from the accrediting bureaus if they are listed.

Ask for references.

This is how to go about it. First, ask how many jobs they have done in the last one year. Once he gives a figure, then ask to be shown the list of all those references. This is a clever way of getting past those contractors who lie with numbers. If possible let them provide some letters of recommendations. And don’t be lied to that some clients do not want to be disclosed. Go ahead and call up some of the homeowners and confirm whether they worked with them and how their experience was.

Once satisfied with the evidence, and then ask for a written bid from the contractor. The bid should include the time schedule; how long it will take to complete the whole project. Once they commit themselves down on paper, they will work hard to finish within the stipulated time.

Select a contractor once you are satisfied with everything including the price. Most good contractors come at a high price so it’s you to decide whether your budget allows you to get the best in the market.

Draw up a contract that clearly stipulates the duration, amount, scope of works and type of pool being installed. Have every detail written to protect yourself.

It is also important to ask whether they will offer pool maintenance services after the installation. With all this knowledge, I believe you are ready to choose the best contractor that your money can hire.

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